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Brown Angel Center


About The Brown Angel Center:


The Brown Angel Center, incorporated in Charlotte, N.C., offers services aimed at healing and empowering women and teenage girls—with an emphasis on helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. The Center was founded in 2004 by author Patrice Gaines and Gaile Burton, a corporate trainer who is now an elementary school teacher.

The Center runs a monthly workshop for women called “The Heart Challenge” at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Jail Central.  This interactive workshop features exercises and information that teach women to reflect on choices without guilt and shame or self-hatred. Attendees receive tools that help them analyze decisions they’ve made, accept responsibility for those choices and understand how they can make better decisions in the future.


“The Heart Challenge” workshop can be presented in any setting, giving attendees tool they can use quietly at home for introspection geared toward developing healthier habits.



A Special SomeoneA Special Someone One of the tools used in this workshop is a book by Patrice called A Special Someone, a 22-page tale about the ways in which women give themselves away. The book’s aim is to provoke teens and adult women to think about the role self-love plays in choices they make in relationships with men. This is the perfect gift to give yourself or to give a girlfriend who needs a wakeup call. It is a book guaranteed to spark long conversations among girlfriends or in support groups for teenage girls. The book includes questions at the end to encourage discussion.


This book is used as a fundraiser for The Brown Angel Center.


Book Price: $7.95 plus $3.95 shipping = $11.90




Call: 803-631-4009

Write: The Brown Angel Center, 253 Victoria Avenue,Charlotte, NC 28206

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